Success Stories

We believe our unique, three-step approach to helping customers find their voice, tell compelling stories and spark action is exactly what you need.

But don’t just take our word for it…

With insights gained, they ingeniously reworked our mission, our vision, our logo, and our name. This rebranding has given the community a much clearer image of who we are, what we do and why we do it. All vital to our growth on behalf of homeless children in and around Baltimore!
Jennifer Cox
Founder and President, Empower4Life
With Henry's coaching, I was able to win the $5,000 first place prize at the "Rise to the Challenge" pitch competition in 2017! He provided clear insight into what investors are looking for and provided an action plan to get there.
Mustafa Wahid
CEO, TransitioningU
As a budding communications professional in the non-profit sector, having access to affordable educational resources is incredibly helpful; this is why I was so excited to find Henry's workshop, “The Rest of the Story.” Using the storytelling model he taught in class, I helped a group of youth who participate in our after-school program craft compelling stories about their passion for computer science. I then used these stories to create an end-of-year social media giving campaign with a $10,000 goal. We made $12,550. The money was used to fund the program and provide students with a stipend for their work. Beyond being fun, the skills I gained in this workshop gave me greater confidence in my communication abilities, and positively affected the lives of others.
Charlotte James
Director of Marketing, Common Curriculum
Henry has an incredible way of getting to the heart of the story. I knew instantly that he would make a difference for our ETC companies when in our first conversation—he said— "what you say needs to be clear, concise and compelling." He is, he has been and he makes the companies come to that in their message.
Deb Tillett
President/Executive Director, Emerging Technology Centers
Henry is a fantastic writer and great person. He has a knack to get down to the nitty gritty very quickly and plan a successful communication plan for almost any project I need help on. He made my website flow and make sense and that has grown my business in the way that I wanted it to but could not figure out for years on my own or by suggestions of other industry professionals. He is also my writing coach and even though I have written articles for years people are now seeking me out and requesting the articles! With his great sense of humor, compassion for all things good, and strategic mentoring my professional life is where I want it to be now and on the way to more growth for my business too. He can do the same for you if you have the guts to change and prosper. Writer, creative magician and story teller are his best attributes.
Judy Antisdel
President, AT Direct
I have had the pleasure of working with Henry Mortimer on a number of creative projects. He never settles for merely good enough and his desire to deliver the ultimate brings out the very best in all those fortunate enough to work with him. His versatility allows him to interact and cooperate with anyone while still having the ability to maintain a grasp on the big picture. I look forward to many opportunities to work with Henry in the future.
Katrina Wagner
Owner, Graphic Beans
As an early stage startup, it’s critical to explain the value of our product. With this fact-driven approach, it can be easy to forget about explaining why your solution matters to your audience. Henry helped me think about how to explain our value proposition in a way that emphasized the human element of the work we're doing. Working with Henry helped me realize that delivering the stats are essential but making a meaningful connection with your audience is what wins.
Andrew Schuster
Co-Founder & CEO, Further Insights
The STORY process has made me more conscious of the message I try to communicate, especially when asked ‘what do you do?’ It’s worth the investment to get outside oneself. Probably something that should be revisited periodically.
Ben Yuhas
Founder, Yuhas Consulting Group
I really appreciate your hard work and guidance through this process, and I feel like I've got a great story to tell and a good message for my marketing materials and outreach to clients. I look forward to working with you more!
Dave Miller
Principal, Slate Hill Consultants
Henry Mortimer is a rare find these days...someone who can communicate complex [ideas] with plain thought and humor. He has helped me communicate in both written and spoken words and taken my own communication skills to a new level.
Tim Askew
Co-Owner, HV PharmaLab
Henry has a real gift around helping companies with messaging and telling their story. I would recommend him (and I do) to any company needing to tell their story.
Susan Katz
CEO, Susan Katz Advantage
Henry Mortimer took a few loose ideas about what we wanted and turned them into an exciting and in-depth project that has the potential to not only reposition us in our industry, but also to become a revenue-generating marketing asset. Now that's big-thinking creativity! He immerses himself in his material, thinks critically and strategically, and always delivers more than you expect. Collaborative, creative, sharp, and funny—a great guy to work with!
Josh Johns
Director of Marketing, BreakAway