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Success Stories

“As an early stage startup, it’s critical to explain the value of our product. With this fact-driven approach, it can be easy to forget about explaining why your solution matters to your audience. Henry helped me think about how to explain our value proposition in a way that emphasized the human element of the work we're doing. Working with Henry helped me realize that delivering the stats are essential, but making a meaningful connection with your audience is what wins.”


-- Andrew Schuster, Co-Founder & CEO, NewsUp



“The STORY process has made me more conscious of the message I try to communicate, especially when asked ‘what do you do?’ It’s worth the investment to get outside oneself. Probably something that should be revisited periodically.”


-- Ben Yuhas, Founder, Yuhas Consulting Group



"I really appreciate your hard work and guidance through this process, and I feel like I've got a great story to tell and a good message for my marketing materials and outreach to clients. I look forward to working with you more!"


-- Dave Miller, Principal, Slate Hill Consultants



“Henry Mortimer is a rare find these days...someone who can communicate complex [ideas] with plain thought and humor. He has helped me communicate in both written and spoken words and taken my own communication skills to a new level.”


-- Tim Askew, Co-Owner, HV PharmaLab



"Henry has a real gift around helping companies with messaging and telling their story. I would recommend him (and I do) to any company needing to tell their story."


-- Susan Katz, CEO, Susan Katz Advantage



“Henry Mortimer took a few loose ideas about what we wanted and turned them into an exciting and in-depth project that has the potential to not only reposition us in our industry, but also to become a revenue-generating marketing asset. Now that's big-thinking creativity! He immerses himself in his material, thinks critically and strategically, and always delivers more than you expect. Collaborative, creative, sharp, and funny -- a great guy to work with!”


-- Josh Johns, Director of Marketing, Breakaway



“I have seen increased referrals from the mailing that [your company] designed, so it worked!” 


-- Emily Kuchinsky, Genetics Counselor, Franklin Square



“Henry Mortimer always comes to the table well prepared. He knows he does not have all of the answers and is not above asking for advice to improve the outcome. I will recommend Henry to my clients as I know he is a man of integrity and vision.”


-- David Betz, VP Business Development, BCP



“WOW! You made us appear as though we may actually know what we’re doing! Thanks again, Henry … I chose the right man for the job!”


-- Martha Morgan, Marketing Director, Constructive Games

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