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Tell Your STORY

“Stories are the only way to spread an idea.” — Seth Godin


Why does storytelling matter?


You need to engage your audience -- customers, prospects, employees, others -- to inform them about who you are, what you do, and why you do it. But how do you convince them to see value in your ideas, products, and services, and want to buy them from you? Tell them a story. And not any story. Tell them your STORY!


Why? It's the key to success. Knowing what your story is and being able to tell it to others in a compelling and effective way leads to better audience appreciation, greater visibility, and increased sales.


How do you tell your STORY?


Our STORY process will provide you with the information and tools you need to find your voice, tell your unique story, and discover your success.


S: Stimulus — Knowing who you are, what you do, and what drives you to do it are the core elements for telling your story most effectively. Let’s talk about you.


T: Tactics — The way you talk about yourself is equally as important as what you say. Assess the tactics you should use — and how to use them — for sharing your story with your audience.


O: Originality — Other than your mother, no one will know how unique you are unless you tell them. Discover what makes you different, and how to start the conversation.


R: Response — If your story is compelling enough, your audience will want to keep hearing it. Find out how your audience responds to your story.


Y: You — To tell your story, you need to express yourself — your thoughts and ideas, passions, beliefs, and goals — in your terms. In other words, you need to find your voice.


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  • Start-ups

  • Companies expanding into new markets

  • Business leaders

  • Sales and marketing directors

  • Job-seekers

  • First-time authors

  • You!

Who Needs a STORY?

“The STORY process has made me more conscious of the message I try to communicate, especially when asked ‘what do you do?’ It’s worth the investment to get outside oneself. Probably something that should be revisited periodically.”


-- Ben Yuhas, Founder, Yuhas Consulting Group